Trust you are well. My name is Noha Sahnoune, and it’s nice to meet you.

The introductions of my nightmares are those in which we are seated around a large table, listing off names, titles, what we do, and a “fun fact.” I would go at it as I always do - with my name, where I’m from, and the most dismal fact I can think of myself. But imagine we approached this in the ways we truly wanted to. In my case, we’d be seated at a coffee shop, music playing loudly, sounds of smiles and words and fingers on keyboards and the whoosh of an espresso machine after a shot.

You would learn that I am a creative and an analyst in the finance space; that I am a hybrid of cultures as an Algerian, American, and Canadian; that I live deeply in my journal, and behind the lens of my camera; that I am 25 years old, and in love with my best friend, Yusef; and that I live my life as minimally and authentically as I can.

As simply as I can put it: I am a storyteller in words, numbers, and photographs. My background is in finance and accounting, with writing and photography as my creative outlets. I try to tie it all together everywhere I go; these days, I find myself deeply interested in the data behind social media and branding, particularly in finding ways for brands to drive honest and authentic growth.

For as long as I can remember, I have marched to the beat of my own drum. I picked up a camera at a young age, documenting my family’s travels around the world; performed poetry and short stories throughout high school; remained an avid runner after my track days; and spent a year out of school working for NASA. As of late, I traveled Europe by train and bus and plane. This blog is a way for me to share my thoughts, my travels, and my photographs, to document these moments. Read more about it in Chapter one.

Myers-Briggs types me up as INTJ. In my world, this means that I care deeply about nearly anything that crosses my mind; that strategy overcomes impulse, every time; that I build ideas into actionable plans; and that I treasure my time alone, to think and to write.

And that's likely exactly how you'll find me, nestled into a couch in the back of a local coffee shop. You'll find me in new and old places, with new and old experiences — finding adventure and a story to tell every step of the way.