Detroit vs. everybody.

Detroit was absolutely incredible. I was there for a wedding of a dear friend, and had the chance to get a feel for the city through coffeeshops, museums, and bike-riding around downtown. I had about a day and a half of free time, and spent it in my favorite way.

My must-sees:

The MOCAD: Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Astounding exhibit on the Black Panthers and struggles of Black Americans through the 1960s to now - in photographs, paintings, and structures.

The Red Hook Detroit: I had an apple spice latte here, and it was odd, but it was good. I went to several coffeeshops around the city, and this one was a favorite.

The Detroit Institute of Arts: Likely one of the best museums I've ever been to. It is absolutely humongous, and has art ranging from the times of the Roman Empire to recent years in Africa. It took about three hours to walk the entirety of the museum (there's also a very nice coffee/snack bar on the first level that was well-worth coming around breakfast time).

Germack Roasting Coffee Company: This is in the Historic Eastern Market. There's a lot to see and do here, and the sights and sounds on the street are of meat-packing trucks, and construction workers going about their day. This particular coffeeshop also roasts their own beans, and sells a variety of products from coffee to spices to oils. Definitely a one-of-a-kind place, and I'm happy I came by here.

(Outside of Germack, there was a t-shirt store called Detroit vs. Everybody. It is named after a popular song by Eminem, and was licensed out to that particular retailer. That phrase was my mantra for the weekend - I liked how it encompassed a lot of what Detroit had become, a city that rose against and fought back and made its own name.)

The Henry Ford Museum: It's more than just cars, rest assured. There's a math exhibit I found particularly entrancing, as well as one on women's suffrage and the rise of white supremacy.

The Detroit Public Library: Insanely beautiful architecture and interior. I didn't have a chance to peruse many books, to be honest, but I walked up several levels to get a good look at the architecture. There are rooms with wrought-iron windows and paintings to the ceiling, which was absolutely beautiful.

I'm hoping to go back soon, when the weather is warmer. Detroit has been through a lot, and it's easy to say that the city is getting back on its feet - slowly, and surely.