Reading List: Fall 2018

Ah, the most wonderful time of the year.

I’m between Texas and California for the most of November, and the weather goes between crisp, to freezing, to humid, to hot. I can’t complain - it’s what comes with moving from one coast to another. It’s safe to say I’ll be spending most nights inside, warm, with a book or a movie.

There are three books I’ve selected to read (or, re-read) this fall. They’re purposeful in quantity and in content, at least in my view. In a feeble attempt to read as often as I can, I’ve realized that I need to step back and instead take my time to read the things I truly want to in that moment, and I’m hoping I can put this method in use to expand the books I read by it.

The three I chose are broken down as such - one is meant to be fun, and snappy, and light; one is toward management and behavior, that I can better put to use for my development in the corporate world; and one is interesting, and down a road I want to explore professionally and personally.

And so - here we go.


How to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits.

This is such a great book, and it’s also one that I’ve read several times in the past. It talks about style, and personality, and loving yourself. (Secret: it even has recipes for fondant and crepes.) I love this book because it’s so… straight-forward, and sassy, and aligns perfectly with the common-sense lessons my Algerian mother taught me growing up on make-up, and clothing, and how to carry yourself with pride.

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done.

Now, this one has a story. I was in Monterey, California this past weekend, and Yusef and I stumbled upon a tiny bookstore in the heart of the downtown district. We walked in and met an incredible gentleman named Gershon, who enlightened us with his stories as a former diplomat, world traveler, and actor. After spending about an hour talking about our lives, politics, and his homeland of Hungary (sziastok - I’m thankful for the weeks I spent in Budapest!), he saw this book in my hand that I had picked up. He noted the price on the inside cover and gave it to me as a gift. He ran behind us after leaving to make sure I got a bookmark, as well. I chose this book to read this fall because I need to better learn what it means and what it takes to get things done right, and how to do so more effectively.


Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs

At ExxonMobil, I was a part of a program called Moonshots, which was essentially a small group of young employees and the executive that led it. We would get together for one day each month to talk about innovation, and transformation, and corporate cultural changes. It was one of the best parts of the month for me, and I got to meet some incredible and driven individuals who I have no doubt will better change their current/future organizations for the better.

This book was gifted to us by the executive who runs the program, and it’s one that I’ve looked through several times for inspiration. The book is renowned for talking through the different principles of innovation that can be applied for meaningful, effective, and sustainable growth in an organization. For anyone owning their own business or thinking of how to better apply new methods to their current one… this one is for you.

With wedding activities and moving chaos in the midst, it’ll take me a few weeks to get through these three (and to get through them well). Let me know if you want me to update you on notes I took or what I learned; and, of course, drop me a comment with a book you want to share.