Podcasts: what I’ve been listening to this summer.

I’m a bit of a podcast junkie, no lie. I often wonder if it’s replaced my love of music just by the frequency that I’m listening to other people talk.

There’s a few categories of podcasts I scrounge around in, looking for gold:

  • Self-development, habits, motivation, purpose;

  • Business thinking; entrepreneurship;

  • And history and crime. Gotta have the crime.

But really, I’ll listen to just about anything.

Dare to Lead.

Okay, this isn’t a podcast. It’s an audiobook, and it’s worth listening to once or twice or maybe three times if you’d like. Yusef and I started this one and have been listening obsessively ever since — Brown is reading through the book herself, and sharing anecdotes on leadership throughout her career.

Brene is a renowned researcher of vulnerability, shame, leadership, and courage. She’s also a professor at the University of Houston (!!). You can find the audiobook through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Audible, and there’s a read-along workbook that goes along as you listen.

dare to lead.jpeg

How I Built This.

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, and it truly really keeps getting better. Guy Raz gets deep with creators and CEOs of the world’s most well-known companies, walking the listener through the good and bad of businesses as they were built.

Personal favorites:

Spanx, with Sara Blakely.

Bonobos, with Andy Dunn.

Patagonia, with Yvon Chouinard.

Wisdom From the Top.

This is a new podcast that Yusef found and that we’re growing to love. I have a feeling it’ll be just as big as How I Built This soon enough - this podcast seems to be geared toward individuals paving their ways through corporate structures, as opposed to entrepreneurial ones. Don’t sleep on this one. (I could listen to Guy Raz forever.)

My favorite thus far:

Gatorade, with Sarah Robb O’Hagan.


Tell Them, I Am.

I only recently heard about this podcast via Twitter — I believe it came out during Ramadan. Based on what I’ve listened to thus far, I’ve found it addicting, and relatable, and honest. Host Misha Euceph interviews prominent Muslims — think actors, entrepreneurs, comedians, scientists — and they share these moments of their lives that have shaped who they are.

Honestly, I would check out all the episodes on this one. I’m still working through them.


The Minimalists.

I will be completely honest with you: I stopped listening to this podcast after maybe 10 episodes. The conversations in this podcast are fantastic, though, and really dive deep into minimalism in all its forms (physical, mental, emotional). As the podcast progressed, it seemed to be more of Q&A/the journey of the founders as they filmed a documentary or had various events. I’ve found myself listening back at the first few podcasts when I need a bit of inspiration.

Personal favorites:




The Minimalists.jpg

Naval Ravikant on The Joe Rogan Experience.

I didn’t know anything about Joe Rogan going into this podcast, and I’m afraid I still don’t know much. I’ve followed Naval (@naval) on Twitter for some time and saw he had recorded a wildly popular podcast with Joe Rogan, and decided to give it a listen.

It’s a two hour podcast, and it is easily one of the best things I’ve listened to in a long time. Naval is big on common sense and thinking through things objectively and logically. The podcast touches on a myriad of topics: wealth creation, leadership, universal basic income, artificial intelligence, investing, and so on, and it’s the most interesting podcast I’ve listened to this year. Here’s a link to the podcast and notes - give it a listen and see how you feel.

And those are the favorites that come to mind for now! I’ve recently received a trove of recommendations that I’m slowly sifting through, but I’m always down to listen to something new… let me know if you’re listening to something I need to share.